Abby L.  may be short, stocky, and a little bit slow to move, but she will quickly win you over. With a demeanor that is equal parts sugar and spice, this little gal can exude sweetness while still owning a presence that will keep the big, tough guys as well as bouncing puppies in check. When she gets together with our basset brother boarders Buddy and Elvis, it’s an adorably goofy sight to witness the trio laying side by side by side. Abby L. is taking her time in making friends, preferring human companionship as well as flying solo for most of the day. We’re sure she’s bound to let others into her world soon.  In the meantime however, she’s keeping her nose to the ground in search of her next adventure.

Breed: Basset hound

Friends: Buddy C., Elvis C., and Lucy W.

Favorite Activity: Sniffing around the backyard, hanging around the handler

Favorite Movie: “Some Like it Hot”

Quote She Lives By: “There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.” – Amy Poehler

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