Dexter is one of my best buds, seeing this righteous dude’s smiling face come through our doors in the morning is one of my favorite ways to start off my day. Dexter absolutely loves to run and play with his canine comrades but at the end of the day this bodacious fella is all about getting some ear and belly scratches. Not only does Dexter have a gargantuan personality but his good looks transcend what most mortal humans consider handsome. Every day with Dexter is an adventure and all of us here at Just Pet Me are beyond thrilled to introduce him as this week’s “Dog of the Week”!


Breed: Beagle

Best Buds: Jane, Missy, Beauregard, Duke

Favorite Activities: Wrestling with Duke, tag with Beauregard and Missy, lounging on the bench with Jane

Places to Chill: Anywhere his friends are kicking it

Favorite Movie: King Pin

Quote he lives by: “I have a strong preference for being alive.” – Alan Alda


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