Downie is one of our more recent members but she is certainly making fast friends with many of our more playful pups. Downie’s smile is like the Bubonic plague, it’s extremely contagious. The minute she enters our play group and shows off her pearly whites you can’t help but smile along with her. Her infectious smile is not only limited to humans, but her positivity is something that seems to rub off on every canine she comes in contact with. Downie really is one radical dog and we are proud to introduce her as this week’s “Dog of the Week”!


Breed: Shepherd Mix

Best Buds: Charley Z, Asher, Bailey B. & Valor

Favorite Activities: Smiling, Wrestling with Charley, Cooling out with Asher, Tag with Bailey

Places to Chill: Anywhere the action is

Favorite Movie: Airborne

Quote she lives by: “Real beauty knocks you a little bit off kilter.” – David Byrne