At over 11 years old, Dusti P. is one of our oldest regulars here at Just Pet Me. But unlike most of our other doggies in their golden years, Dusti P. is quite fond of youth! Whether it’s the teeny puppy dachshund Ziggy S. or the golden retriever who can’t stop growing, Luka P., Dusti P. has welcomed each of our newest, young sprouts with a lovely little welcome like only she can do. She enjoys spending most of her day observing the play group (as much as her limited vision allows) and huddling with the laid back lot that includes Rugby M. and fellow older doggy Beaux D. But if a curious little months-old newbie approaches her, Dusti P. will wag her tail and welcome their company with sweet affection. That is why we are naming this little darling Dog of the Week!

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier Mix

Friends: Beaux D., Rugby M., Luka P.

Favorite Activity: Observing the play group, welcoming youngsters

Favorite Movie: “Harold and Maude”

Quote She Lives By: “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind it, it doesn’t matter.” – Mark Twain

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