Jamie is another pup that we have had the pleasure of watching grow up. When this dude first started to come hang out with us he was just a cute little puppy, you could say he was labradorable, now he is all grown up and his cuteness has multiplied with his size. His outgoing personality and movie star good looks have made him a favorite of our staff and his high energy has made him very popular with some of our more playful pups. Watching this crazy canine grow up has been an absolute pleasure for all of us and that is one of the reasons we have decided to make him this week’s Just Pet Me “Dog of the Week”!


Breed: Labrador

Best Buds: Abby H., Bailey B., Valor

Favorite Activities: Playing tag with Bailey, Wrestling with Valor, bringing the ruckus with Abby

Pet Peeves: Nothings getting this dude down

Places to Chill: After tiring himself out he loves to lay in the yard and soak up some rays

Favorite Movie: Bedtime for Bonzo

Quote he lives by: “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone” – Ronald Reagan


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