Jessie is a minuscule dude with a colossal personality. This tiny guy is one handsome fella and it’s no surprise that he has many girlfriends to pal around with when he comes in to visit us. Jessie certainly is a fixture around here at Just Pet Me and I couldn’t imagine having a day without this  m little rascal by my side. Because Jessie is a such an awesome pup we have decided to make Jessie this week’s “Dog of the Week”!

Breed: Teacup Poodle

Best Buds: Bailey S, Honey Child, Rudy, Bella J.

Favorite Activities: Being carried around the play group for a birds eye view of all his buds, maxin and relaxin in the puppy room with his main girl Bailey S., chilling on the bench with Bella and Rudy.

Places to Chill: Anywhere his girlfriends are

Favorite Movie: Demolition Man

Quote he lives by: “I’m handsome, no ands, buts or ifs.” – Colin Mochrie

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