The moment Kevin B. enters the play group, all action comes to a halt – the big man on campus has arrived. His jock friends Asher S. and Brady R. rush over for their signature chest-bumps,  the geeks on the sidelines wag their tails in awe, and even the older doggies turn towards him to acknowledge and welcome his presence. But Kevin B. is not your typical jock (wrestling being his sport) – his charisma is equal to his brawn. After a match or two with Asher S., he doesn’t mind sharing the shade with the likes of Buster R. (the big, dopey collie) or cuddling up next to the old-timey rat terrier, Beaux D. He’s also not afraid to show his dorky side: just call out “Kevinkevinkeviiinnn!” and he’ll wiggle-worm his way on over to you and welcome any and all head scratches and kisses. His tough-guy appearance with charming appeal is what makes Kevin B. this week’s Dog of the Week!

Breed: Husky/Doberman

Friends: Asher S., Brady R., Moxie T.

Favorite Activity: Wrestling with Asher S.

Favorite Movie: “Rocky”

Quote She Lives By: “Character is a journey, not a destination.” – William J. Clinton

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