Lucky is a recent transplant to the Bay Area and we are all happy that she decided to move here. Hailing from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Lucky could be described as a regular Southern Belle. This is one girl who is super polite and loves to greet her friends with her classic smile before starting her daily adventures. Her outgoing personality and high energy level has made her a whole bunch of canine comrades in the few months she has been coming to hang out with us. Seeing this girl smile is like a hot cup of cocoa for the soul, just one look at those pearly whites and you can easily forget about all of your worldly problems. It has been an absolute pleasure having Lucky join our pack and we are all very proud to introduce this magnanimous mutt as this week’s “Dog of the Week”!


Breed: Lab Mix

Best Buds: Emma, Benny, Cody

Favorite Activities: Chasing Emma, Wrestling with Benny and Cody, Butt scratches from our handlers

Favorite Movie: The Chase

Places to Chill: Soaking up the California sun in the yard, anywhere she can get some people attention

Favorite Music Video: Duran Duran – Rio

Quote of the Week: “People seldom notice old clothes when you wear a big smile” – Lee Mildon

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