It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Oh wait a minute, it’s just Moxie! This crazy girl has so much energy that some of our staff are starting to think that she has super powers. When Moxie enters our play group she takes off at warp speed and makes sure to greet each and every one of her friends before she finally decides who she is going to wrestle with first. After Moxie is done tiring out all of her buddies she is quick to head over to our handlers and make sure she receives her requisite ear scratches and belly rubs. Moxie’s live life to the fullest attitude has kept a smile on all of our faces and we are all thrilled to introduce her as this week’s Just Pet Me “Dog of the Week”!


Breed: Lab/Shepherd Mix

Best Buds: Finn, Jane, Miles

Favorite Activities: Anything that involves being around her canine comrades

Pet Peeves: Not a thing in the world is bumming this girl out

Favorite Movie: Nothing But Trouble

Quote she lives by: “Go to heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.” – Mark Twain


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