Ever since Nova M. started coming to Just Pet Me, the days have been a great deal brighter. Even when she’s visibly half-asleep, she’ll stumble out of the car and put her little paw up to the door as if to say “Let me in! Let me in!” Once in the playgroup, she immediately greets all the other doggies in sight – whether they want it or not! Nova M. is still a puppy learning her manners, but it’s an adorable sight to watch her tumble around, over and sometimes even under our older doggies. When she teams up with her besties Zooey S., Libby T., and Louise S., we’re treated to an all puppy girl game of tag until they run out of juice (which is very rare!). We here at Just Pet Me are excited to keep watching this shining star grow and that’s why we named Nova M. Dog of the Week!

Breed: Mixed Breed

Friends: Zooey S., Libby T., Louise S.

Favorite Activity: Playing tag with her gal pals

Favorite Movie: “Space Jam”

Quote She Lives By: “Whoever is happy will make others happy too.” – Anne Frank

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