Dog of the Week: Ripley

Some of our regulars at Just Pet Me refuse to fall into any sort of “type.” The most notorious girl who vehemently opposes labels would be Ripley C. She’s not a jock, a geek or a wallflower. She lives for both doggy and human interaction equally and she switches up her friends as often as she comes in. On any given day she’ll enjoy a lengthy sunbathing session, or an hour following around a couple of dogs at play, or will bark for the attention of the dog handler, or go about her way in the yard…it’s always a surprise! We always look forward to seeing what Ripley gets up to each day and that is why we have named her Dog of the Week!

Best Buds: Loddi K., Bentley L., and Amore J. (the current rotation)

Favorite Activities: Following dogs around the playroom, sporadically barking for attention.

Favorite Movie: “My Fair Lady”

Quote she lives by: “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius