Samwise is one dog that knows how to stay busy. Once you get this little guy going its just about impossible to get him to calm down. If he isn’t playing tag, he is wrestling, and if he isn’t wrestling, well then he is probably playing more tag. For such a short little dude this guy can out run most of the big guys, and once he’s proved that he is impossible to catch he never fails to turn around and taunt them with his Hollywood smile. Samwise doesn’t just rely on his movie star good looks though, he has an excellent personality and is one of the funnest dogs to be around on this planet. Having this crazy dude come spend time with us at Just Pet Me has been an absolute pleasure and that is why we have decided to make him this week’s Just Pet Me “Dog of the Week”!


Breed: Yorkshire Terrier/Silky Terrier Mix

Best Buds: Kona, Andy, Mozart, Lobo, Archie

Favorite Activities: Wrestling, Playing Tag, Causing an all around raucus

Pet Peeve: When he tires out all his friends

Favorite Movie: Mad Max

Quote he lives by: “I always believe that the sky is the sky is the beginning of the limit” – MC Hammer


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