Tesla has been visiting Just Pet Me since she was just a small little puppy, now Tesla is all grown up but that doesn’t stop this girl from being one of the most adorable pups to ever come through our doors. Tesla has so much fun with us here at Just Pet Me and she really feels like part of our family, we are all very excited to introduce to you Tesla as this week’s “Dog of the Week”.


Breed: PitBull

Best Buds: Andy, Laverne, Missy, Winston

Favorite Activities: Chasing Andy, Wrestling with Laverne, Relaxing with Missy, and giving her blind boyfriend Winston kisses

Places to Chill: Anywhere she can soak up some rays and catch a few ZzZzZzZs.

Pet Peeves: Days when Winston isn’t here

Quote she lives by: “Don’t we all want what’s best for eachother” – Levon Helm


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