Winston might not be able to see us, but we are always happy to see him. Unfortunately our buddy Winston lost his eyes to glaucoma, that doesn’t stop him from having a good time though. He is such a cool pup and can put anyone in a good mood with his righteous personality. All of our staff at Just Pet Me are very excited to present Winston as this week’s Just Pet Me “Dog of the Week”!


Breed: Shar Pei

Best Buds: Jane, Claire and Maximus, and his girlfriend Tesla

Favorite Activities: Receiving ear and butt scratches, lounging in the yard, getting kisses from Tesla

Pet Peeves: Any day where he doesn’t “see” his girlfriend

Places to Chill: Anywhere he can soak up some rays and listen to the pups playing around him

Quote he lives by: “Living is easy with eyes Closed.” – John Lennon

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