Dear parents & guardians, these are some of the optional topics that we discuss during the daycare assessment. It is through this understanding of your dog and family that enables Just Pet Me Country Club to customize each member’s experience and care.

  1. Background


When did your dog become part of the family? (Age, circumstances)

Why did you decide to have your pet join the family?

If you did not raise your dog from puppyhood, please describe what you know from your dog’s history (previous owners, treatment of dog)

Was your dog adopted from the shelter?

Is dog current on all vaccines, including Bordatella (the Kennel Cough vaccine)?

When was your dog spayed or neutered?

Please explain a routine day for your dog:

  1. Health & Hygiene


Do you take your dog to regular vet check-ups?

Is your dog up to date with all vaccinations? (Distemper, Bordatella, Rabies, Lepto)

Does your dog have any medical conditions?

Is your dog prone to any illnesses (i.e. ear infections, skin problems etc)?

Have you ever taken your dog to the vet for a medical concern (i.e. not a regular vet check-up)?

Has your dog ever been diagnosed with Kennel Cough, or any other contagious illness?

Is your dog on flea treatment? If so, what kind/brand?

Do you apply the flea treatment monthly?

Do you regularly bathe your dog? If so, what products are used & how often?

Does your dog require a special shampoo such as sensitive skin shampoo?

Do you get your dog groomed (i.e. haircut, sanitation trim)?

How often are your dog’s nails trimmed?

Do you trim your dog’s nails or do you have someone else cut them (i.e. groomer, vet etc)?

Does your dog need to be muzzled for any grooming procedures (i.e. nails trimmed, groomed, in bath)?

  1. Socialization


Please describe your dog’s personality. (Shy, dominant, timid, inquisitive,


Do you allow your dog to be off leash when outside the home (i.e. at the beach/dog park etc)?

Has your dog ever been to a dog park?

How often does your dog go to the dog park?

How does your dog react to small dogs?

How does your dog react to large dogs?

Has your dog ever attempted to bite another dog in an aggressive manner?

Has your dog ever been bitten by another dog in an aggressive manner?

Does your dog show any leash aggression (aggressive behavior that only occurs when your dog is on leash)?

How does your dog react when another dog physically tries to initiate play?

What kind of games does your dog like to play? (Fetch the ball, tug of war, hide and seek)

Does your dog enjoy playing in water?

Does your dog guard toys or human contact (i.e. sitting on your lap)?

Has your dog ever snapped at another animal?

Does your dog chase little animals (such as a cat or squirrel)?

Does your dog usually listen to you? If not, who?

How does your dog get your attention?

Will your pet do anything naughty to get your attention? (Urinate, chew, bark)

How does your dog react to visitors that come to your home?

How does your dog react to people outside the home (i.e. on walks)?

Does your dog react positively children?

  1. Training & Behavior


Have you trained your dog in basic obedience?

What training techniques have you used?

Have you ever used a professional trainer?

If so, was it for general obedience, or to correct a specific issue?

What commands does your dog respond to?

Does your dog show signs of separation anxiety?

If so, is it from a specific person in the family?

Is your dog crate trained?

Where does your dog stay while you are away from home?

Have you ever been away and had to leave your dog in the care of somebody else?

If so, did your dog stay at a boarding facility, a friend’s home, or your home?

Did your dog’s caretaker report any problems or concerns upon your return home?

  1. Eating patterns


How many times does your dog eat in a day?

When does your dog eat meals?

What kind of food do you feed it? (Dry, wet, table scraps, part of your meal, bones, treats)

Does your dog have any allergies to food?

Do you ever have to do something special to get your dog to eat (i.e. add hot water, add wet food)?

Will your dog eat anything?

Is your dog territorial with food?

Is your dog a fast eater?

Does your dog usually finish everything in its bowl all at once?

Does your dog know when to stop eating?

Does your dog have a sensitive stomach?

What gives your dog an upset stomach, and how have you treated it?

How often does your dog drink water throughout the day?