“Favorite Place…”

“Thoughtful & Attentive”

“wonderful with our two cats”

“Smell you later!’

“the staff loves her”

“Individual attention.”

“Really loves him.”

“Tail Wagging…”

“Always excited…”

“nice to have a place…”

“It feels like family”

“Thank you JPM!”

“It’s so convenient…”

“A simple choice..”

“They love Gideon”

“really excited…”

“cannot wait..”

“staff always tell me…”

“wonderful place!”

“well care for”

“Loves staying here”

“she jumps…”

“very reliable…”

“The staff is pleasant..”

“You guys are fabulous”

“She Gets Lots of Love…”

“Reliable and Caring”

“Just Pet Me Rocks!”

“Nothing Can Compare”

“She Had a GREAT Time!”

“Thank you to the staff!”

“Such great care…”

“Loves it…”

“Wags his tail…”


“wonderful place..”

“home away from home”

“They are fantastic!”

“forget about Daddy…”

“pleasant and positive”

“Always Smiling…”

“wonderful experience..”

“He is So Excited!”

“I Really Love This Place.”

“Love This Place!”

“A Tremendous Gift!”

“What a Fantastic Place.”

“His Ears Perk Up.”

“Like Part of Our Family.”

“The Best Care for Our Dogs.”

“Thanks Just Pet Me.”

“We Love Just Pet Me!”

“Loved Going to Just Pet Me.”

“A Blessing for Our Family”

“We are Big, Big Fans.”

“Bella Loves Just Pet Me.”

“Very Accommodating.”

“All Played Out”

“Well Cared For”

“Just Pet Me is Great!”

“The Best it Can Get!”

“She is So Excited.”

“We Love Just Pet Me!”

“He Comes Home Happy.”

“Very Personable Staff!”

“Just Pet Me is Awesome!”

“Loves the Pampered Care…”

“Just Pet Me is Our Favorite”

“Thank You All”

“It’s Peace of Mind”

“This is the BEST Facility.”

“Just Pet Me is Awesome!”

“The Staff Are Amazing”

“We Love Just Pet Me.”

“We Are Very Happy.”

“Thank You JPM!”

“So Excited”

“Raja’s Favorite Place”

“Can’t Wait to Go”

“This Place is Wonderful”

“You Guys ROCK!”

“Tail is Always Wagging”

“Great, Caring Staff!”

“Thanks for all you do!”

“Part of My Extended Family”

“A Godsend!”

“Highly Recommend”

“She Loves It”

“Always Well Cared For”

“A Very Strong Affection”

“Home Away From Home”

“You have spoiled us rotten!”