Brody is a black lab pup who just recently started spending his days at Just Pet Me.  Like most Labrador puppies Brody is bursting with energy and personality. The minute Brody comes through our doors his tail starts wagging a mile a minute and he runs right for our play area to go and see his canine companions. Brody loves to play tag and wrestle and it took him no time at all to make best buds with some of our regulars.  His favorite friends to play with are Andy, Missy, and Abby. Once Brody has used up all his energy for the day he is quick to run up to our handlers and get a big hug from them, then he finds himself a nice comfy spot and takes himself a little nap. Watching Brody grow up has really been awesome for all of our staff and we all look forward to the fun that this crazy black lab has in store for us.

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