Chloe, aka Coco, is a five pound bundle of energy that zooms through Just Pet Me everyday. She has no idea how small she is. She tries to be one of the big dogs of the small group, but really, she’s one of the smallest. She loves to wrestle and play fetch with her friends. If another dog is not giving her enough attention, she’ll find someone else to get attention from. She’ll bite on their ears and jowls until she is the center of attention. When she’s not at Just Pet Me, you might find her on hikes or at the beach. She is a strong independent wee borker who don’t need no-body (except her mama)!

Favorite Trick: High Five

BFFs (Best Fluffy Friends): Booker, Alanna, Poppy Rose, RM

Guilty of: Peeing on the bathmat (at home)

Favorite Food: Cheetos

Life Advice: Kisses, kisses, and more kisses