Ghost is the friendly variety of his namesake. This husky never tires of making friends, getting several rounds of tag started, or cuddling with his BFFs Nova M. and Khaleesi T. The only time he gets any rest at all is during our proper nap time when he’s knocked out with his paws in the air up against the kennel. Ghost is also very fond of playing with water. If he spots a puddle, he’ll jump right into it. A freshly-filled water bucket? He’ll dip his head in and whip it back like a rock star. Every day we look forward to what Ghost will get up to or which new doggy he’ll befriend and that is why we have named him Dog of the Week!

Breed: Husky

Best Buds: Nova M., Max L. and Khaleesi T

Favorite Activities: Playing tag, making new friends and water sports

Favorite Movie: “Ghostbusters II”

Quote he lives by: “Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny.” – Stephen Hawking

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