Every social group has a chatterbox. At Just Pet Me, our best talker is Hobi C. Every morning he comes in, he quietly trots into the playgroup. But as soon as he’s around his buddies, he lets them all have an earful. Whether he’s talking about how his weekend went or giving an enthusiastic “Good morning!” (in dog speak) to each dog that comes in, Hobi just loves being vocal about anything. When he’s not busy talking, he’s keeps himself entertained with chew toys or seeking the attention of our handlers. We always look forward to hearing what Hobi has to say and that is why we named him Dog of the Week!

Breed: Husky

Best Buds: Griz L., Ghost R., and Rikka N.

Favorite Activities: Talking to the handlers, greeting each dog that comes in the play group.

Favorite Movie: “Balto”

Quote he lives by: “One advantage of talking to yourself is that you know at least someone is listening.”  – Franklin P. Jones