Jane Austin, the big little sister of August A., is one sweet border collie that has quickly won over the hearts of everyone at Just Pet Me. When we first heard that our very own senior Jack Russell, August A. was getting a sister, we were thrilled. Once we actually met her, we were over the moon. A fan of both dog and mankind, Jane Austin’s adorable demeanor and delightfully playful spirit is a welcome addition to our playgroup and we can’t wait to watch this rescue win over many more dogs and humans and that is why we have named her Dog of the Week!

Breed: Border Collie

Friends: Downie H., Libby T. and Kevin B.

Favorite Activity: Trotting from corner to corner of the play room, observing others at play, relaxing with August A.

Favorite Movie: “Clueless”

Quote She Lives By: “One man’s style must not be the rule of another’s.” – Jane Austen

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