If you look up handsome in the dictionary there is a picture of Mochi next to the definition. If you look up adorable in the dictionary, you will find his picture again. This little dude’s cuteness can bring light to even the blackest of souls, and his personality is so charming that he can warm up the iciest of hearts. When Mochi started to hang out with us a few months ago he made quite the impression on our other pups. His high energy and willingness to play with whoever comes his way has lead to him accumulating more friends than the captain of the football team. Mochi has been brightening up our lives so much that he has earned himself the honor of being this week’s Just Pet Me “Dog of the Week”!


Breed: Cocker Mix

Best Buds: Booster, Honey Child, Andy, Duke

Favorite Activities: Wrestling with Booster and Andy, Curling up with his pal Duke and laying on his girlfriend HoneyChild’s butt.

Places to Chill: Anywhere he can find a soft dog to lay on

Favorite Movie: The Patriot

Quote he lives by: “I tasted freedom and I really liked it.” – Phil Lynott


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