What a big clunky goof Shadow is! Although Shadow is well into dog adolescence now, he will always be our little Puppy Shadow. Truthfully, we should call him Super Shadow because Shadow flies to get around. (seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him walk or even run, he just kind of floats through the air.) Although, the flying thing doesn’t always work for him, he’s known to face plant onto the ground. When he’s not flying, he partakes in puppy agility courses that he has created here at Just Pet Me. Whilst in the dog room, Shadow will run through the dog handlers legs even if they are closed together. We honestly had a really hard time taking a picture of him for this post because let’s face it, he’s bursting the seams with energy.


Super Power: Spreading light, love, and happiness to anyone he meets!

BFFs (Best Fluffy Friends): Jackson, Silla, Callie

Guilty of: Serving up sad puppy eyes even when nothing is wrong.

Favorite Food: Turducken!

Life Advice: Live more, worry less!