Rambo is a little guy who may not be as tough as the Sylvester Stallone character, but our Rambo is definitely sweeter! He always seems to have a permanent grin on his face, which adds to his sweet demeanor. Sometimes he'll play with Moe W, and run around with Cabo,...

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Koa is one of our favorite girls here at Just Pet Me. This yellow lab is bursting with personality and is always excited to come to Just Pet Me and see her canine and human friends. When Koa isn't wrestling with her pals Bella and Lily you can be sure to find her...

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Topper is a big boy who loves to lounge and sunbathe. He's very easy going, and as long as there is a place to lie down in the sun, nothing bothers him. He keeps to himself, unless Toby D is here, and then Topper is up and playing like a puppy. In what seems to be a...

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“You have spoiled us rotten!”

" I am so starved for JPM!" Michele B. Gideon You have spoiled us rotten!  I am so starved for JPM!  I’m trying out new boarding places and it is simply a joke some of what these folk call “doggie day care.” It’s more like a concrete floored room with a distracted...

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Romeo T

Wherefore art thou, Romeo? Well, he's usually off playing with whomever is in the mood. Whether it's Laverne,Cody B, Duke, Obi, or Kayla, Romeo doesn't care as long as someone plays, and for a long time! Romeo T is the Energizer Bunny of JPM. He's an Australian...

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Melo is a Boxer who lives up to his name. He's a calm boy who is always relaxed in the group. He has a large group of friends like Moe W, Charlie C, Sailor, and his Boxer bud Marshall, but he always remains chill even when he plays with them. He loves attention, and...

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Huck is the Golden Retriever with the name of a literary character and the hair of a rock star. With that mane, he would have been right at home in a hair metal band during the 1980s. Like all rock stars, Huck has his share of groupies. He loves to hang out with...

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Smokey & Zipper

Smokey and Zipper are another amazing doggy duo that spend their days here at Just Pet Me. They are both adorable Chihuahua mixes that can not get enough playtime. Smokey and Zipper love to play with their friends Beauregard, Charlie, Missy, Maya, Wesley and Ella....

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There are millions of thing you could say about our little Gibby, but the main thing you notice when you meet this little fella is how darn adorable he is. Gibby is no shy guy, he loves meeting new people and is quick to become best friends with anyone he meets. He...

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