Words can not describe how happy this pooch makes me! When he gets into the lobby and jumps up and down with joy I just can't help but to join him! Its our routine that when he comes into the lobby we take a minute to dance in circles before I bring him back with the...

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As a tea cup Yorkshire Terrier, Gunther is one of the littlest pups we have here at Just Pet Me. He's so small he can sit in the palm of your hand! At only 12 weeks old, Gunther has a big personality. He loves to play with the other small dogs like Bailey, Rudy, Maia...

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I'll never forget how bad her separation anxiety is, not Piper's but her moms! When she went on a vacation to Thailand she missed Piper so much that we regularly sent her pictures of her playing and even a video! Just Pet Me is like Piper's second home, and there is...

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Inky Rose

Inky Rose started off with us when he was just a tiny puppy that had a big heart, wanted to play with the big dogs, but still had the adorable puppy legs that he would trip over. The cutest part about Inky is that he loves to play with Bucket who is a gigantic version...

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Chewbaca G.

Chewbaca loves Just Pet Me and has been coming here from the very beginning so she sure does know her way around! Every morning, she and Bella Q. charge out of their car because they know that they have a long day of playing ahead of them. With a slight waddle in her...

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Riley K

Riley K is one sharp cookie! Whenever he comes in he is raring to go. He loves the treats we have here at Just Pet Me and he can do a lot of cool tricks for them. Energetic and happy, Riley is definitely a social butterfly that has made friends with dogs of all shapes...

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Maybe?....Abbott and Costello Maybe is an energetic, playful, and affectionate Hungarian Vizsla. She always has a smile on her face, and it's a challenge to try and keep a straight face around her.  She's full of energy with an active social life, which makes her...

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Plato is Mr. Social. He spends his days here with his friends Nigel and HoneyChild, and he always leaves with a smile on his face. Today was a full day, because as he was leaving, his dad informed us that they were on their way to see Plato's new girlfriend....

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Abby H

Little Abby H  started off with us as a young spunky puppy that just wanted to, in true Yellow Labrador nature, just play all the time with all the big dogs. Only problem is that when she was little, Abby had a heart problem that made it hard for her to truly play as...

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Cole D

Cole D. is Mr. Handsome with his beautiful, shiny, black Belgian Sheepdog coat. Calm and composed, Cole knows it is play time when he gets here and leaps out of the car gracefully. And boy does he attract a crowd! He likes to play with all the big boys like Duke and...

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Ozzie B.

When Ozzie first got here, he looked like a giant puff ball. He was so excited to play in the puppy room with August, Inky, and Jessie. While he started off with just playdates, Ozzie comes now all the time for daycare and loves it! He's grown a little bit and can...

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Alejandro C

Here at Just Pet Me, we have dogs of all sizes... but Alejandro might be the smallest! Even though he is the smallest Chihuahua that we have, Alejandro always brings big smiles to all the dogs he plays with. With his big ears and eyes, Alejandro can waddle right into...

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Honey Child

Honey Child has way more clothing than I do! Her stylish coats are diamond studded with lavish furs. Everyday I'm amazed to see a new jacket, a new haircut, or a new collar to match! When her mommy drops her off in the morning I role out the red carpet, because the...

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Murphy M.

I am not ashamed to admit that Murphy M. is the background of my iphone AND my desktop. I mean, look at him! When I told his momma I replaced it with a picture of another pooch she threw her hands up the air and told me to stop cheating on her boy! Back to...

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