Duke H.

Duke H. is probably the happiest dog here! His tail is wagging from the moment he sees his friends early in the morning to the moment he leaves the group at night. Give Duke H. a tennis ball and the party is on, but fetch is out of the picture! He loves to run around,...

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Sasha & August

August A. came in this morning raring to go hang out and play in the puppy room. Little did he know that Sasha was already there. The two wondered who would get the bed... but I think they figured it out! Back to...

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“JPM is awesome!”

"Everyone here is just fantastic..."       Clarice C. Finnegan JPM is awesome. Finny loves going to JPM and hates leaving. Everyone here is just fantastic, warm and loving. - Clarice C.  View all...

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“I am so grateful!”

"It gives me peace of mind" Udi K. Obi I am so grateful to Just Pet Me. I think they really care about the dogs and Obi LOVES coming here. It gives me peace of mind knowing he is cared for and happy! Thank you! - Udi K. View all...

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“What a place!”

"I am so grateful." Jackie G. Alejandro What a place! As an over protective mother - JPM has proved to calm my separation anxiety and I am so grateful. -Jackie  G. View all...

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“He adores his dog buddies!”

"..and misses them on the weekends" Kimberly M. Murphy Every morning when Murphy sees the building his whole body shakes with happiness. He adores his dog & human buddies and misses them on the weekend. - Kimberly Moss View all...

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“Favorite Place…”

"Rosie is ALWAYS excited to go to school."  George S. Rosie Rosie is ALWAYS excited to go to "school". Her favorite place to visit. - George S. View all testimonials

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“Thoughtful & Attentive”

"The staff were so thoughtful & attentive..." Pretzel The staff were so thoughtful and attentive in their care of Pretzel. -Kerin F. View all testimonials  

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“wonderful with our two cats”

" I do believe that our cats get the best care " Cali and Smoke We both think that you have all been wonderful with our two cats.  The cats seem to really love it there and really like the people.  I do believe that our cats get the best care and they seem very...

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“Smell you later!’

"A "be bear‘, "roll over', "down!" "high five" Randy M. Elle Woods A day at Just Pet Me It's just before 9am and I arrive to charter little Miss Woods to the spa. Monday thru Friday, traffic allowing, we arrive at JPM around 9:20. Tess comes to the car and welcomes...

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“the staff loves her”

"The staff handles her with ease and care." Jerlena G. Chiba Chiba, a Rhodesian,  is a handful. The staff handles her with ease and care. We love our Chiba so much, and it’s clear that the staff here loves her too! -Jerlena G  View all...

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“Individual attention.”

"Everyone knows the quirks and needs of all the animals." Mark C. Eamon The BEST! The facilities are fun and clean. The handlers give individual attention. Everyone knows the quirks and needs of all the animals. - Mark C. View all...

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“Really loves him.”

"We feel so comfortable leaving our precious Jakey here..." Frank & Donna S. Jakey We feel so comfortable leaving our precious Jakey here when we go out of town. It’s one less thing to think about. Everyone here knows Jakey, talks about his little personality traits...

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“Tail Wagging…”

"I know he is loved and well-cared for.." Tina L. Luke My boy Luke loves it at Just Pet Me. He always has a great time playing with all of his buddies. I know he is loved and well-cared for when he is here. His tail is always wagging when I pick him up!  -Tina L. View...

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