Dog of the Week: Keshy

Keshy is a sweet and energetic boy who has grown so much with Just Pet Me! Keshy started coming to play at JPM around 6 months of age and is now a very well trained 2 year old adult husky! Don’t let his patience and calm temperment fool you when you see him outside of...

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Dog of the Week: Riley A

It's pogo a go-go with Miss Riley A. If she were to pick a genre, she'd be a punk rocker bouncing up and down at CBGB's with her cohorts. Riley bounces all day long when she plays with her buddies: Moya, Charlie Longwell, and Cody B and she'll start a mosh pit on a...

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Dog of the Week: Luka J

Don't let her size fool you. "Little" Luka has a big personality. JPM's resident tomboy, if she were a human, you'd find her flipping a skateboard and getting skinned knees. She's always ready for a challenge: whether it's putting a bigger dog like Kevin or Luka P in...

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Dog of the Week: Blossom

Like Willow Smith, Blossom whips her hair. And with gusto! With a spin and a trot, her locks bounce like a shampoo ad. This sweet, golden haired girl can be found usually getting that glorious mane drenched in one of her favorite pastimes: playing with the hose!...

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Dog the Week: Wrigley

Who needs a leash when you can walk yourself? That's what Wrigley says! Every morning, this clever Golden Retriever avoids the queue by walking himself in all the way from the car and patiently waits for the door to the back to open. Once in the group, Wiggly-Wrigley...

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Dog of the Week: Ripley

Some of our regulars at Just Pet Me refuse to fall into any sort of "type." The most notorious girl who vehemently opposes labels would be Ripley C. She's not a jock, a geek or a wallflower. She lives for both doggy and human interaction equally and she switches up...

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Dog of the Week: Howl

While he may not look it at first sight, Howl is our most "stop-and-smell-the-roses" kind of dog here at Just Pet Me. He enjoys taking his time getting here and is never one to make too many plans for the day, preferring to take life easy and enjoy what may...

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Dog of the Week: Leia G.

Every morning at Just Pet Me, we await the arrival of our favorite petite husky royalty, Leia G. As we greet and shower her with adoration, she'll acknowledge us with a simple glance and continue on her way to the playroom. Once there, all of her charm school lessons...

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Dog of the Week: Lucky H.

Lucky H. is one chill little dude with a relaxed demeanor who is always ready to take on whatever the day brings. Whether he chooses to spend the day roaming the room greeting all the dogs or going one-on-one with the tennis ball, Lucky loves having a day well spent...

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Dog of the Week: Bentley L.

Every social group has that one nosey character. At Just Pet Me, our favorite little eavesdropping canine is Bentley L. Each morning he comes in, he puts on his sweetest face as he happily trots to the playgroup to meet the handlers. He's delighted enough to just...

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Dog of the Week: Friday

She's the quirky little mixed-breed with the trademark skittishness. She's the one that hesitates for a brief second before realizing that today, like every day, she is exactly where she wants to be! After greeting all of her favorite pals and dashing back and forth...

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Dog of the Week: Booster

Booster S. is one goofy little bundle of fluff that just loves to be noticed. Every day when he comes in, he announces his entrance with an adorable little whimper (of joy of course!) Once in the group, he'll trot around to check and see if there's anyone cool enough...

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Dog of the Week: Kiddo

In this corner, is our reigning female wrestling champ, Kiddo! This little-big girl has yet to realize the varying weight classes, as she takes on anyone from a yorkie to a mastiff (pretty much anyone that will give her the time of day). After she's worn herself a...

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Dogs of the Week: Alpine + Bobby

There have been many famous duos in history: Antony and Cleopatra, Simon and Garfunkel, Batman and Robin... At Just Pet Me, one of our favorite pairs is made up the goofball Alpine and the more serious Bobby. These two dudes are attached at the hip for most of the...

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Dog of the Week: Tucker

Every day that Tucker D. (or better known by his nickname "Crazy Pants") comes to Just Pet Me, we know just what to expect out of him: non-stop playing. In the morning, this fuzzball comes in revving his engine, trying to make his way to the play group as fast as he...

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