Dog of the Week: Khaleesi T.

If there is one girl that we can always trust to get the fun started, it would be Khaleesi T. Every morning she comes in, she politely waits for leash/harness removal before jetting off into the playgroup to greet all her buddies and dote after her favorite big guy,...

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Dog of the Week: Dill F.

We get every sort of dog personality here at Just Pet Me. The hyperactive spazzes, the aloof cool kids, and everything in between. Dill F. falls into the "everything in between" category, as he's both sweet and playful yet fussy about who he allows into his inner...

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Dog of the Week: Kona S.

Kona S. is one of our newest puppies at Just Pet Me and he has quickly become Mr. Popular! At just 3 months old, the teeny little poodle/terrier mix has made friends with every pup that has entered the puppy room, even those that are 10 times his size. Fear is a...

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Dog of the Week: Hobi

Every social group has a chatterbox. At Just Pet Me, our best talker is Hobi C. Every morning he comes in, he quietly trots into the playgroup. But as soon as he's around his buddies, he lets them all have an earful. Whether he's talking about how his weekend went or...

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Dog of the Week: Charlotte L.

Charlotte is one little girl that quickly went from timid and skittish when starting at Just Pet Me, to friendly and full of pluck. When making friends, Charlotte will not discriminate between age, size or breed. On any given day she can be seen hard at play with Griz...

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Dog of the Week: Griz

A day that Griz comes in is a day bound to be quite eventful! This German Shepherd always starts his day here with a look out the back of the car that says “Let me in…I’m ready to play!” As soon as he's in the group, he’ll run up to one of his buddies (be it George...

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Dogs of the Week: Kilo & Kya

Kilo and Kya are a duo that makes you do a double-take. Two white german shepherds back-to-back, but each one as different as can be. Kilo is the social butterfly, wandering from clique to clique in search of anyone that’s up for a round of tag. Kya is the more laid...

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Dog of the Week: Samus J.

Samus J. is one goofy little bundle of contrasting fluff that just loves to be the center of attention. Every day when he comes in, he barely makes it into the play group before he drops himself to the floor, sticks his paws in the air and begs everyone to come take a...

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Dog of the Week: Beanie

Here at Just Pet Me, we love it when a dog takes on a helpful role. One of our regulars, Beanie S. has been quick to take the reigns as hall monitor in our play group. When he sees some roughhousing going on, he's on the culprit's case in the blink of an eye. When a...

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Dog of the Week: Truffles P.

Truffles may look tough and buff on the outside, but as soon as she enters the play group, she softens into a wiggling embodiment of sweetness. A friend to all breeds and sizes, Truffles doesn’t discriminate but she does play favorites. Her best gal pals Moxie T.,...

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Dog of the Week: Gracie S.

Gracie S. is the just-as-adorable biological sister to our precious little Bailey S. And just like her sister, Gracie S. has amassed a fan club all her own. When she’s not being pampered on a handler’s lap, she’s dropping in on her little social circle of pooches that...

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Dog of the Week: Luka P.

Luka P. has been coming to Just Pet Me since she was a timid little puppy. And although she is still a youngster, she can’t seem to stop growing or making friends! Luka’s been known to hang out with both the little guys like Ziggy S. as well as the bigger doggies like...

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Dog of the Week: Wiley B.

Wiley is a peculiar little Jack Chi with a personality that doesn’t come around too often. When we greet her in the morning she treats us to a couple of her signature spins in the lobby followed by a happy but cautious gait to the playroom. Once in the group, she’s at...

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Dog of the Week: Jane Austin A.

Jane Austin, the big little sister of August A., is one sweet border collie that has quickly won over the hearts of everyone at Just Pet Me. When we first heard that our very own senior Jack Russell, August A. was getting a sister, we were thrilled. Once we actually...

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Dog of the Week: Rambo

Rambo is one sweet Chihuahua who is completely different from what his name might indicate. A pacifist at heart, he is more lover than fighter. In fact, his favorite thing to do is walk around sniffing and greeting every doggy, making sure everyone’s having a good...

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