Dog of the Week: Gracie S.

Gracie S. is the just-as-adorable biological sister to our precious little Bailey S. And just like her sister, Gracie S. has amassed a fan club all her own. When she’s not being pampered on a handler’s lap, she’s dropping in on her little social circle of pooches that...

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Dog of the Week: Luka P.

Luka P. has been coming to Just Pet Me since she was a timid little puppy. And although she is still a youngster, she can’t seem to stop growing or making friends! Luka’s been known to hang out with both the little guys like Ziggy S. as well as the bigger doggies like...

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Dog of the Week: Wiley B.

Wiley is a peculiar little Jack Chi with a personality that doesn’t come around too often. When we greet her in the morning she treats us to a couple of her signature spins in the lobby followed by a happy but cautious gait to the playroom. Once in the group, she’s at...

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Dog of the Week: Jane Austin A.

Jane Austin, the big little sister of August A., is one sweet border collie that has quickly won over the hearts of everyone at Just Pet Me. When we first heard that our very own senior Jack Russell, August A. was getting a sister, we were thrilled. Once we actually...

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Dog of the Week: Rambo

Rambo is one sweet Chihuahua who is completely different from what his name might indicate. A pacifist at heart, he is more lover than fighter. In fact, his favorite thing to do is walk around sniffing and greeting every doggy, making sure everyone’s having a good...

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Dog of the Week: Ghost

Ghost is the friendly variety of his namesake. This husky never tires of making friends, getting several rounds of tag started, or cuddling with his BFFs Nova M. and Khaleesi T. The only time he gets any rest at all is during our proper nap time when he’s knocked out...

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Dog of the Week: Trixie J.

Some of our most playful and curious doggies here at Just Pet Me didn’t all start out that way. Take for example, Trixie J. She spent her first few days here shy and guarded, but once she found her place, she’s been all about fun, friends and smiles. When she’s not...

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Dog of the Week: Louise S.

Louise (say it with a squeal!), the adorable hound-mix with the cute face, is one of our regulars that we increasingly look forward to seeing each morning. She always greets us with her happy little dance and her wide smile as she pops out of the car. Once she’s in...

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Dog of the Week: Max L.

Max L. is a little guy that just can’t be missed. His antics are a daytime staple here at Just Pet Me, as we can’t imagine not having to yell out “Maaaaaaaax!” every day (either with joy or a little bit of frustration). This little bundle of energy and sound enters...

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Dog of the Week: Malo M

Before we even catch sight of him, we know when Malo M. is here. Every morning Malo greets us with a happy bout of howling all the way to the play area as if to say “I’m here and I mean business!” After his entrance, he enjoys roaming throughout the group, making...

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Dog of Week: Susie

Whenever Susie pulls up to Just Pet Me (head sticking out the window, tail at attention), we know it’s going to be an extra special day. Most days she brushes off whatever warm greeting we give her. She prefers to not waste any time and heads directly to the play...

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Dog of the Week: Ziggy

Ziggy, a teeny little dachshund and one of our newest young pups here at Just Pet Me, has already made friends with dogs of all breeds and sizes. He spends his mornings in the puppy room romping around with his puppy buddies Scout N. and Luka P. Both Scout and Luka...

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Dog of the Week: Abby L.

Abby L.  may be short, stocky, and a little bit slow to move, but she will quickly win you over. With a demeanor that is equal parts sugar and spice, this little gal can exude sweetness while still owning a presence that will keep the big, tough guys as well as...

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Dog of the Week: Happy P.

He’s the quirky mixed-breed with the funky little gait. He’s the cool observer type who watches the action from a distance at first and only then may trot on over to investigate further. He’s the wide-eyed wallflower with the slightly judgmental stare and the subtle...

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