Dog of Week: Susie

Whenever Susie pulls up to Just Pet Me (head sticking out the window, tail at attention), we know it’s going to be an extra special day. Most days she brushes off whatever warm greeting we give her. She prefers to not waste any time and heads directly to the play...

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Dog of the Week: Ziggy

Ziggy, a teeny little dachshund and one of our newest young pups here at Just Pet Me, has already made friends with dogs of all breeds and sizes. He spends his mornings in the puppy room romping around with his puppy buddies Scout N. and Luka P. Both Scout and Luka...

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Dog of the Week: Abby L.

Abby L.  may be short, stocky, and a little bit slow to move, but she will quickly win you over. With a demeanor that is equal parts sugar and spice, this little gal can exude sweetness while still owning a presence that will keep the big, tough guys as well as...

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Dog of the Week: Happy P.

He’s the quirky mixed-breed with the funky little gait. He’s the cool observer type who watches the action from a distance at first and only then may trot on over to investigate further. He’s the wide-eyed wallflower with the slightly judgmental stare and the subtle...

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Dog of the Week: Jezebel C.

Jezebel C., the little sister to our “Mr. Popular” Rudy C., is staking a claim to fame all herself here at Just Pet Me. The polar-opposite of her high-maintenance Pomeranian brother, Jezebel C. is a boxer with plenty of spring in her step and enjoys playing hard and...

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Dog of the Week: Barkley L.

Whether he hops out or flops out of the car in the morning, by the time Barkley L. reaches the play area he’s already decided that today (like every day) is going to be full of fun and excitement. He gets things rolling with a happy little shake of his butt and kisses...

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Dog of the Week: Dusti P.

At over 11 years old, Dusti P. is one of our oldest regulars here at Just Pet Me. But unlike most of our other doggies in their golden years, Dusti P. is quite fond of youth! Whether it’s the teeny puppy dachshund Ziggy S. or the golden retriever who can’t stop...

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Dog of the Week: Mojo S.

What’s that bouncing bundle of black fur over there? It’s Mojo of course! This little guy is a prime example of newbies coming out of their shell here at Just Pet Me. What was once a shy, new-kid-in-class, sitting-in-the-corner puppy labradoodle has turned out to be...

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Dog of the Week: Nova M.

Ever since Nova M. started coming to Just Pet Me, the days have been a great deal brighter. Even when she’s visibly half-asleep, she’ll stumble out of the car and put her little paw up to the door as if to say “Let me in! Let me in!” Once in the playgroup, she...

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Dog of the Week: Kevin

The moment Kevin B. enters the play group, all action comes to a halt – the big man on campus has arrived. His jock friends Asher S. and Brady R. rush over for their signature chest-bumps,  the geeks on the sidelines wag their tails in awe, and even the older doggies...

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Dog of the Week: Miri

Miri is a super-size amount of energy in a fun-size package. This little girl knows how to wake everyone up in the morning and keep the party going all day. She may trot in like the sweet, little patient “pitlette” that she leads on to be, but once she’s around her...

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Dog of the Week: Finley

Finley is a guy in a class all his own – he exhibits a moody but cool demeanor that hides a warm soul. His dark but sweet character attracts both the big personalities as well as the shy guys of the bunch. But not anyone can call Finley a true buddy as he’s a fierce...

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Dog of the Week: Libby

Libby is one of our newest puppies. She is loaded with energy and her antics are always extremely entertaining. It is always a pleasure to watch our new puppies grow bigger by the day and Libby is no exception. Every day that Libby comes in you can see her rapid...

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Dog of the Week: Pickles

Everything is better with Pickles. This pretty puggle has been spending Memorial Day Weekend with us at Just Pet Me and we could not ask for better company. First thing in the morning Pickles is ready and raring to go. She loves hanging out with her boyfriend Cabo and...

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