Dog of the Week: Ozzie

Ozzie is a wild guy who has been coming to spend time with us at Just Pet Me since he was a very young pup. We have watched him grow up from a small puppy who was always bouncing off the walls with excitement to a large puppy who is still bouncing off the walls with...

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Dog of the Week: Jackson

Jackson is an awesome dude that you just can't help but fall in love with. His Hollywood smile and awesome personality are just some of the reasons we are making him this weeks "Dog of the Week".   Breed: Black Lab These are a few of his favorite things: Sunscreen and...

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Dog of the Week: Simba

Simba is a crazy, off the wall fella who spends many of his days with us here at Just Pet Me. Simba has provided us all with tons of fun and we are proud to present him to you as this week's "Dog of the Week"!   Breed: Corgi Best Buds: Andy, Ozzie, Laverne, Riley...

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Dog of the Week: Presley

Presley is a regular here at Just Pet Me. She has many boyfriends, is cute as a button, and is also this weeks Just Pet Me "Dog of the Week"   Breed: Border Collie Mix Best Buds: Duke, George, Honey Child Favorite Hangouts: On the bench with Honey Child or soaking up...

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Dog of the Week: Zeus

Zeus is a radical little dude who is a real ladies man who has an awesome playful personality. When Zeus isn't busy playing with his pals you can find him raining down lightning bolts of cuteness towards any human in sight.   Breed: Cock-a-Poo Best Buds: Jane, Jack,...

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Dog of the Week: Honey Child

Honey Child is an amazing Lhasa Apso who holds the title of "Fashion Queen" here at Just Pet Me. This little girl owns more clothes than all of our staff combined and we are very excited to introduce her as this weeks "Dog of the Week".   Breed: Lhasa Apso Best...

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Dog of the Week: Bailey S.

Bailey is an adorable little girl who loves to spend her days here with us at Just Pet Me. This little princess also has a huge personality and we are all very proud to present her to you as this weeks Dog Of The Week!   Breed: Papillon Best Buds: Bella J.,...

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Dog of the Week: Duke

Duke is a real handsome fella who has been coming to Just Pet Me for quite some time. He really feels like part of our family here at Just Pet Me and we are delighted to present him as this weeks "Just Pet Me Dog of the Week"!   Breed: Gordon Setter Best Buds: Bucket,...

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Dog of the Week: Romeo T

Romeo is an awesome, playful dude and we are very excited to start off our new "JPM Dog of the Week" with him. Breed: Australian Shepherd Best Buds: Jane, Sophie, Duke, Kayla Favorite Activities: Herding, Wrestling with his girlfriends Pet Peeve: Not enough girls...

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Dunbar is a heck of a guy who is a boatload of fun. When Dunbar comes into Just Pet Me for his vacations he goes right into instant play mode. Some of his favorite play pals are the Doggie Duo of Panda and Kajol, Murphy, and Lucy. When Dunbar wears himself out from...

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Fergus is one awesome dog and something about the way he looks and acts just makes him seem like, well, a "Fergus". Since coming to Just Pet Me Fergus has been making puppy pals like its his job. When its time to go out and play, Fergus jumps up and springs into...

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Einstein has been spending his most recent vacation here at Just Pet Me and this crazy boy is loving every second of it. Einstein is always bursting with energy when he gets to play with his canine companions and he has been making lots of friends on his most recent...

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Max I.

Max is one of our most distinguished members here at Just Pet Me. Our boy Max is a handsome old German Shepherd with the most laid back of personalities. He loves watching our younger members frolic around our play area and he also enjoys napping with his gal pal...

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Bogey is one wild guy who loves hanging out with his pals at Just Pet Me. This radical dude loves making friends and is ready to wrestle or cuddle with any pup regardless of the size. Bogeys favorite game is the good old fashioned game of tag and you can tell why...

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Jude has been coming to Just Pet Me since she was a tiny little pup and WOW, how she has grown! Even though she is now older and a little bit "wiser," it  hasn't slowed her down. She loves to frolic with all her friends and get into trouble. One of her favorite things...

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