“She struts her stuff and she knows she’s loved by all.” Nicole M.

Honey Child

“My dog, Honey Child, has been attending Just Pet Me daycare since she was 8 weeks old. She is one of the most excited dogs in daycare, she is a welcome greeter, a buddy for “boys” and a fierce competitor. When I turned Honey over to Julie and her team, she was a shy, timid and scary dog. Now she can hold her own in any given situation – she has confidence, she struts her stuff and she knows she’s loved by all.

Nothing can compare to curbside service for dropping and picking your dog up and the daily updates about your dogs activities – good and bad. I work 8-10 hours a day and not once do I think about Honey’s welfare, I know she is fed, playing with friends and gets plenty of hugs from the staff. Lastly, Honey is a lhasa apso and they are not known for having a great disposition.

Join the “Just Pet Me” experience and bring home a tired, but thoroughly happy dog!!”

Nicole M.

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