“The team at Just Pet Me loves dogs and cares about their people too.”


Carly, our Rhodesian/Shepherd mix, came from the SPCA when she was four months old and was a frightened, unsocialized puppy. The trainer and staff at Just Pet Me helped by giving us the tools we needed to start training and socializing her. Three years later, she is 85 lbs, happy and well-behaved (most of the time).

When we ask Carly if she would like to go to Doggie Daycare, she wags her tail, runs to the front door and starts dancing excitedly. When we drop her off, the staff are always happy to see her and she cannot get in the door fast enough. Carly comes home tuckered out from a day of playing with her pals, and is ready for a relaxing evening with the family. We know that Carly is well cared for at Just Pet Me, and her life is much more fun and exciting. Thank you to Julie, Ruby, Sara, and all of the staff. We don’t know what we would do without you!

– Melissa R.


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