While he may not look it at first sight, Howl is our most “stop-and-smell-the-roses” kind of dog here at Just Pet Me. He enjoys taking his time getting here and is never one to make too many plans for the day, preferring to take life easy and enjoy what may come. Sometimes he arrives bearings gifts in the form of leaves or twigs. Other times he wants to take home our astro turf as a memento… If his favorite girl Leia G. is around, all of his attention is diverted to her and his pursuit of her love and adoration. We are always pleased to see our favorite big, chill guy and see in what new way he will make us smile. That is why we have named Howl the Dog of the Week!

Breed: German Shepherd/Labrador/Timberwolf Mix

Best Buds: Leia G., Ghost V., and Bentley L.

Favorite Activities: Trotting around the room with Leia G., sunbathing in the yard

Favorite Movie: “Howl’s Moving Castle”

Quote he lives by: “Those who act with few desires are calm, without worry or fear.”  – Buddha

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