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In a hurry to get to work, and not enough time to walk, potty or feed your beloved pup?

Just Pet Me‘s daycare program is available 6:30AM to 8:30PM Monday through Friday to accommodate every parent’s work schedule. We’re even open weekends! From puppies to seniors, whether your canine companion is large or small, there is plenty of space at their finger tips. At Just Pet Me, your dog has frequent access to our dog- friendly backyard complete with real shrubbery, padded cement and artificial turf for potty time, as well as our expansive indoor play rooms.

We are uniquely designed to give your dog ample fun and exercise, combined with the security and familiarity of being in his or her backyard! Besides the abundant free play we offer our members for playing tag and mingling, we also provide structured group exercise every day that includes ball playing and brushing times. Our members develop incredible friendships with their canine peers and create their own groups that meet and play every visit!


Our commitment to our members is reflected in our Puppy Program. We are passionate about not only the general care of your puppy, but also helping you raise your puppy to be a happy, mannered, life-long companion.

Our puppies receive the highest level of care from our detailed, friendly concierge team, following a curriculum that comprehends and considers that the first seventeen weeks are the most critical learning period. It is the time that your puppy needs to learn basic life skills such as potty training, confidence with nail trims and baths, as well as, social etiquette with other dogs and interactions with humans.

Though numerous puppy socialization and training classes exist, the sessions are short for puppy to learn and retain accomplishments. Just Pet Me, on the other hand, provides reinforcement of your puppy’s knowledge with consistency, enabling training to stay intact over the course of enrollment in continuous daycare.


Before we are able to set you up with an assessment there are a couple things we will need from you.

First we will need you to fill out a New Application form  

Once you have submitted the form  we will need you to email us your pup’s vaccination records. We will need the following vaccines with their expiration dates; Bordetella, Distemper & Rabies. As well, we will need you to send us a picture of your dog to add to your account. 

Final step give us a call at (510) 500-5595 to schedule an assessment or complete an online request  

Daytime Assessment Schedule:

Monday through Thursday at 12:40 PM & 1:00 PM

Wednesday 8:00 PM

Fridays 1:00 PM, 1:30PM & 2:00 PM


Doggie Daycare FAQ


Monthly: $475
10 Visits: $300
Full Day: $37
3 Hour Play: $25

There is a 20% family discount for each additional dog sharing the same bill

All potential Just Pet Me members are in good health and current on their Distemper, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccinations.

Puppies must show proof of being de-wormed. Please neuter or spay your dog by the time he or she is six months of age.

All dogs enrolled in our daycare program must receive monthly flea prevention treatment.

Every owner/guardian seeking daycare membership for their dog must first make an assessment appointment for Just Pet Me staff to conduct a two part evaluation, measuring your dog’s comfort level engaging with our staff and other members. Potential members must possess a temperament that permits Just Pet Me Staff to care for them and may not pose as a danger to any Just Pet Me member or staff. In preparation for your assessment appointment, please call your veterinarian and give your authorization for them to fax current vaccination and de-worming information to 1.866.268.1566. During your assessment, please be prepared to complete a New Applicant Form giving us personal details regarding your dog, review and sign Just Pet Me’s service agreement, and submit valid credit card information.

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