Dog of the Week: Parker

Doggie daycares were made for dogs like Parker. She is sweet, intelligent, playful, and (you guessed it) crazy! Parker does not stop once she gets here. She loves to play with every single dog (and handler) she meets. Parker is super strong and can tackle the big...

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Dog of the Week: Sadie

Sadie is a vivacious newcomer to Just Pet Me. Although it feels like she’s been here forever, Sadie has only been coming for two months. She was rescued by her family at the beginning of the new year and has issues with being in solitude, but has really flourished...

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Dogs of the week: Perri & Cosmo

This week I thought I’d write an unconventional Dog of the Week, a double dog of the week. I’d like to explore the different personalities we see amongst dogs. Perri is an over-the-top, out of this world, bumbling bubble of energy. Cosmo is a reserved, gentle, and...

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Dog of the Week: Chloe

Chloe, aka Coco, is a five pound bundle of energy that zooms through Just Pet Me everyday. She has no idea how small she is. She tries to be one of the big dogs of the small group, but really, she’s one of the smallest. She loves to wrestle and play fetch with her...

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Dog of The Week: (Puppy) Shadow

What a big clunky goof Shadow is! Although Shadow is well into dog adolescence now, he will always be our little Puppy Shadow. Truthfully, we should call him Super Shadow because Shadow flies to get around. (seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him walk or even...

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Everyone at JPM is kicking off the holiday spirit! Sammy was even featured on the news as a cute pitty witch! Check out the rest of our friends in their costumes.

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Dog of the Week: Kubo

Kubo is truly the life of the party. Kubo could really make a career as a “hype man” at any party because he really gets the crowd going. Maybe it’s his sweet energy or maybe it’s his silky hair and blue eyes! Kubo is extremely friendly to both humans and dogs. When...

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Dog of the Week: Oliver E.

He’s friendly, vivacious, adorable, cute, and oblong… Who’s that good boy? It’s Oliver! Ollie has been coming to JPM since he was 3 months old. The only way this beast can be tamed is by playing rough with all his friends. Oliver has no idea that he’s only 2(ish) feet...

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Dog of the Week: Mickey

Mickey is a sweet senior boy who enjoys easy days at Just Pet Me. Mickey has shown us what the true meaning of forever home is! Mickey’s mom has had him since he was a wee borker. He is now about 14 years old and is living his best life. While at JPM he mainly sits on...

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Dog of the Week: Keshy

Keshy is a sweet and energetic boy who has grown so much with Just Pet Me! Keshy started coming to play at JPM around 6 months of age and is now a very well trained 2 year old adult husky! Don’t let his patience and calm temperment fool you when you see him outside of...

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Dog of the Week: Riley A

It's pogo a go-go with Miss Riley A. If she were to pick a genre, she'd be a punk rocker bouncing up and down at CBGB's with her cohorts. Riley bounces all day long when she plays with her buddies: Moya, Charlie Longwell, and Cody B and she'll start a mosh pit on a...

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Dog of the Week: Luka J

Don't let her size fool you. "Little" Luka has a big personality. JPM's resident tomboy, if she were a human, you'd find her flipping a skateboard and getting skinned knees. She's always ready for a challenge: whether it's putting a bigger dog like Kevin or Luka P in...

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Dog of the Week: Blossom

Like Willow Smith, Blossom whips her hair. And with gusto! With a spin and a trot, her locks bounce like a shampoo ad. This sweet, golden haired girl can be found usually getting that glorious mane drenched in one of her favorite pastimes: playing with the hose!...

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Dog the Week: Wrigley

Who needs a leash when you can walk yourself? That's what Wrigley says! Every morning, this clever Golden Retriever avoids the queue by walking himself in all the way from the car and patiently waits for the door to the back to open. Once in the group, Wiggly-Wrigley...

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Dog of the Week: Ripley

Some of our regulars at Just Pet Me refuse to fall into any sort of "type." The most notorious girl who vehemently opposes labels would be Ripley C. She's not a jock, a geek or a wallflower. She lives for both doggy and human interaction equally and she switches up...

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