Keshy is a sweet and energetic boy who has grown so much with Just Pet Me! Keshy started coming to play at JPM around 6 months of age and is now a very well trained 2 year old adult husky!
Don’t let his patience and calm temperment fool you when you see him outside of JPM! He is your typical rambunctious and fun husky. He loves being the moderator of the medium sized dog group. Keshy boops his friends with his nose or paw when they’re getting too rowdy, but sometimes can’t resist the temptation to jump right in and play! Keshy can’t help but to get jealous when his best bud Howl plays with other dogs! He takes pride in teaching the “little kids” like Silla and Pixel what it means to be a nice, gentle, fluffer machine.

BFFs (Best Fluffy Friends): Silla, Baxter, Hobi, Howl, Gracie B., and Parker
Puppy Do List: Lap up all the water in the bowl, get belly rubs from the handlers, play with other husky, shepherds, and herding dogs, and nap like a champ!
Favorite Album: Animal, Kesha (2010)
Favorite Song: Blue Eyes, Elton John (1982)
His Mantra: “A man who masters patience is the master of everything else.” – Big Sean