“August becomes aware that this is likely to be a Just Pet Me day.”  John A.


“From the point of entry onto the 880 until we turn onto the 980, August stares out one of the car windows with the excited “grin” that only a dog lover could appreciate. As soon as we get on the 980 and, then, quickly turn to get off the freeway, August becomes more certain that this is to be a JPM day.  At this point he assumes a “sitting at attention” pose – once again with the giddy-doggie smile, only now adding a tail wag. This wag is a complex maneuver for him because he doesn’t have much room to accomplish the “sit and wag” in the front of a Mini. As we turn from Telegraph onto the side street that will take us to Broadway, August has to take leave of the “giddy-doggie” presentation: he “knows” now  he is going to JPM and I have to guess that he takes on what he considers the only  appropriate way of presenting himself  to JPM – he sits in very proper, restrained, non-smiling sit down position in the back of the Mini. Of course, the wagging tail belies this very serious presentation. I have learned that by sitting in the back seat in this very proper fashion, August puts himself in  the position to be properly called up and, then, very properly take leave of the car and properly enter into the waiting arms of the JPM staff. He obviously has a very strong affection for his time at JPM!”

John A.

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