“A “be bear‘, “roll over’, “down!” “high five” Randy M.

Elle Woods

A day at Just Pet Me

It’s just before 9am and I arrive to charter little Miss Woods to the spa. Monday thru Friday, traffic allowing, we arrive at JPM around 9:20. Tess comes to the car and welcomes “Elle Woods” to come inside, tells me to have a great day and off I go to work. working at a deli, I try to reward the great crew with soup of the day or a bowl of fruit. Sara or Aaron open the front door to JPM and I wait in the lobby. In just a minute here comes Elle on her leash jumps up in the lobby chair ,gives me a hello lick and waits for a good bye treat. Because she was trained at JPM from a pup she performs her act for her reward. A “be bear‘, “roll over’, “down!” “high five” all pay off as a treat fly’s in the air and is caught mid-flight. I open the front door and say “lets go see mom Elle” and she darts like a bullet into the front seat of my car. As we pull away Elle looks out the car door window and I swear I hear her say “going home you guys, smell you later!’ we all love this place and the people that care for our pet as much as we do. thanks JPM!

-Randy M.

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