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Wastin' away again in Margaritaville Searching for my lost shaker of salt Some people claim that there's a woman to blame But I know it's nobody's fault -Jimmy Buffett Back to News

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Dog of the Week: Obi

Obi is a one crazy dude, he loves to wrestle with his pals, run full speed around our play area, and then take the longest naps ever. When this dude isn't wearing himself and the other pups out you can find him curled up below or on top of one of our dog handlers....

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Dog of the Week: Asher

Asher is one of the funnest, biggest, goofiest, and all around most playful dogs we have that comes to stay with us at Just Pet Me. This dude can play hard and when he is done he can nap even harder. Asher has a list of friends that is never ending and he keeps all...

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Dog of the Week: Kona

Kona is a a little guy who can't get enough attention. When he isn't romping around our play room with his barking buds you can find him directly next to one of our handler's looking for some belly scratches. This tiny dude does not let his size stop him from playing...

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Holiday Season

The holidays are a great time for us all. We get to spend time with family and friends and enjoy all the good things that life has to offer, unfortunately though sometimes our canine companions and feline friends aren't able to go with their families on their holiday...

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Dog of the Week: Finn

Finn is a guy who is always on the look out for adventure. He loves making new friends and if he had the choice he would be playing with all his buddies until the cows came home. When this rambunctious young dude comes through our doors in the morning he is absolutely...

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Dog of the Week: Jessie

Jessie is a minuscule dude with a colossal personality. This tiny guy is one handsome fella and it's no surprise that he has many girlfriends to pal around with when he comes in to visit us. Jessie certainly is a fixture around here at Just Pet Me and I couldn't...

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Dog of the Week: Bucket

Bucket is one large fella with an even larger personality. He has one heck of a smile and his beard and long eyelashes could win him the title of most handsome dog here at Just Pet Me. Bucket really is part of the family here at Just Pet Me and since we all love this...

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Dog of the Week: Mozart

Mozart is one of the younger pups that comes to hang out with us at Just Pet Me. He is such a playful guy and could definitely take the title of Mr. Popular with the endless amount of friends he makes anytime he comes in for a visit. Watching Mozart get bigger and...

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Dog of the Week: Elle Woods

Elle Woods is quite the character to be around. She loves to spend her days relaxing at Just Pet Me hanging with her canine crew. Elle is one of the sweetest dogs you could ever meet with the softest ears on the planet. All of us feel honored to be pals with Elle and...

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Dog of the Week: Kihei

Kihei is one of the most laid back dogs in the entire world. She is an absolute sweetheart that loves a little play time, but who's favorite thing to do in the world is just kick back, relax and get some behind the ear scratches. All of us at here love kicking it with...

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Dog of the Week: Bogey

Bogey is a pooch that you just can't help but love. When Bogey shows up for a day at Just Pet Me he takes off like a bat out of hell to see his friends as soon as possible. This crazy canine will be rough housing with his big buddies one second and the next he is...

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Dog of the Week: Winston

Winston might not be able to see us, but we are always happy to see him. Unfortunately our buddy Winston lost his eyes to glaucoma, that doesn't stop him from having a good time though. He is such a cool pup and can put anyone in a good mood with his righteous...

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Dog of the Week: Riley K

Riley has been a regular here at Just Pet Me for quite some time. He is an awesome dude with a righteous personality. Riley loves to come to Just Pet Me to play with his canine comrades and also enjoys the huge amount of belly scratches he receives when he comes in...

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Dog of the Week: Scruffy

Scruffy is a real class act, all of our staff get super excited when he comes to hang out with us and once you see Scruffy playing its easy to see why. This fella just loves to run around with his friends, and once he is done he is ready to jump right up on your lap...

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