Whether he hops out or flops out of the car in the morning, by the time Barkley L. reaches the play area he’s already decided that today (like every day) is going to be full of fun and excitement. He gets things rolling with a happy little shake of his butt and kisses from his greatest female admirer, the boxer Jezebel C. A few more awestruck girls like Moxie T. and Miri F. will join his gang of followers throughout the day, stopping only if nature calls or for a water break. This little guy is still a puppy, but he is growing as fast as his fan base.  He’s already captured the hearts of every handler as well as plenty of guests here at Just Pet Me and we’re sure he’ll make many more fans wherever he goes. For that, we’re happy to name Barkley L. Dog of the Week!

Breed: Pitbull Mix

Friends: Jezebel C., Moxie T. and Miri F.

Favorite Activity: Wrestling with Jezebel C., frolicking in the yard

Favorite Movie: “Zoolander”

Quote She Lives By: “Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.” – James Dean

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