See what our customers have to say about JPM.


Rosie is ALWAYS excited to go to “school”. Her favorite place to visit.

– George S.


The staff were so thoughtful and attentive in their care of Pretzel.

-Kerin F.

Elle Woods

A day at Just Pet Me. It’s just before 9am and I arrive to charter little…

-Randy M.


Riley loves coming here. He is in love with Sara! He is always excited to get out of the car when we pull up in front. He is well taken care of & loves it  here!!

 -Judy & Jeff K


The BEST! The facilities are fun and clean. The handlers give individual attention. Everyone knows the quirks and needs of all the animals.

– Mark C


We feel so comfortable leaving our precious Jakey here when we go out of town. It’s one less thing to think about…

-Frank & Donna S.


So nice to have a place where my finicky pet can stay when I’m away. The staff has defiantly gone out of their way to make him comfortable!

-Francesca M.


We love this place! Tess & the crew know the dogs so well, it feels like family! The trainer has improved our dog’s behavior and we enjoy him so much more – Thank you

-Molly & Greg G.


My pup Calvin probably thinks he owns the place. We will be coming back! Thank you JPM!

-Dria M.


I met Julie & Ruby when I really needed help with my 8 week old Weim pup and a 12hr a day job. They love Gideon…

 -Michele B.


This is the ONLY facility that Zoe smiles on arrival and on departure. You guys are fabulous

-Richard D.


JPM is very reliable and our dog absolutely loves it!

-Paul & Maria M.

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“she jumps…”

"...when I tell her we are going to Doggy Spa" Patch & Diane B. Lady She has always been very antisocial till I brought her here. Now she jumps (literally) when I tell her we are going to Doggy Spa. -Patch & Diane B. View all ...

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“Loves staying here”

"We always have a good experience." Sherri M. Peanut Peanut Loves staying here and the staff is so friendly. We always have a good experience. -Sherri M. View all  testimonials

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“well care for”

"cats are NOT kept in cages all day" Antoinette L. LionKing, Goldie & Gomez I have boarded my cats at Just Pet Me many times and I am pleased with the care given them by the staff.  I like the fact that my cats are not kept in cages all day, but are taken out and...

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“wonderful place!”

"Emma loves it here" Hannah B. Emma Emma loves it here. She loves all the care givers and the doggies, a wonderful place! -Hannah B. View all  testimonials

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“staff always tell me…”

"...one or two things she did while here" Eyana S. Scout Lee I appreciate that your staff always tell me one or two things she did while here, dogs she played with and whether or not she ate her food. -Eyana S. View all...

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“cannot wait..”

"...cannot wait to go inside when he arrives at JPM!" Jamie L. Cabo Our dog Cabo cannot wait to go inside when he arrives at Just Pet Me! -Jamie L. View all testimonials

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“really excited…”

"...recommend Just Pet Me to all my friends." Susan R. Cosmo I continue to recommend Just Pet Me to all my friends. When I drop Cosmo off at JPM, he is really excited about going through the door. That alone says it all. Fortunately, he is still happy to see me when I...

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“wonderful experience..”

"...like she is truly at a country club." Monica B.  Dazzle Our family has had a wonderful experience with Just Pet Me Country Club. Our dog, Dazzle, loves playing there all day and is treated like she is truly at a country club. The staff people take time to get to...

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“Always Smiling…”

"...daycare center that I trust" Mark R. Chico Just Pet Me is conveniently located in the heart of Oakland. The daycare hours are excellent for the working person. I can drop Chico off early and pick him up late. Chico is always happy to go to Just Pet Me. He loves...

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“pleasant and positive”

"staff are always warm and friendly." Julie Q Rolo The phone service from your staff is always warm and friendly.  What impresses me most about your staff are that they remember our dog Rolo and ALWAYS make us feel welcome.  Drop off and pick up are very easy and...

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“forget about Daddy…”

"cannot contain their excitement." Andrew M. ChaCha & Ziggy ChaCha and Ziggy love going to Just Pet Me.  The "true indicator" of their excitement is as follows:  upon arrival at JPM, Ziggy and ChaCha cannot contain their excitement. They are both on the passenger seat...

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“They are fantastic!”

"The facilities are clean and safe." Andrea F.  Pious I am borderline neurotic when it comes to my dog! For our pug, Pious, I interviewed and visited numerous daycare and in-home boarding companies and never felt comfortable with any of them.  Then I found Just Pet...

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2545 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612

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Fax: (866) 268-1566


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