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As a guest at Just Pet Me, your cat will enjoy an immaculate, private condo. Condos range in size, and are a minimum of five feet in length. Condos are assigned based on your kitty’s activity level and anatomy, including weight and size.

We understand that most kitties do not want to remain in their condo all day. At Just Pet Me, another spectacular feature is many of our members have personal time out to explore either alone or with cats from their own family. Since we do not conduct a temperament test for kitties, the amount of socialization and time out of the condo depends on how your kitty interacts with Just Pet Me staff and reacts to the novel surroundings.

A fluffy pillow, a fun toy, and plenty of catnip are only a few of the many indulgences your kitty will enjoy during his or her stay. You are welcome to pack and include special items from home such as toys, blankets or parents’ clothes that will make the vacation more comfortable and homey.


Call us today at (510) 500-5595 to make a reservation; complete your registration here.



Just Pet Me understands the importance of a well-balanced and healthy diet for our feline clientele. We recommend parents bring food from home, because it is best not to change your kitty’s diet from what he or she is accustomed to. Just Pet Me is equipped to store and administer all types of food, whether it is kibble, canned, frozen, raw, or any combination of the above.

If you do not supply food from home, we have a house kibble for $5 per day.


Daily: $30.

Each additional cat from the same family sharing a condo: $15.

Medication Administration: To ensure the safety of your pet, you must bring written or typed medication administration instructions for each day. You must also bring your own supplies such as food for pill administration and measuring devices such as droppers. All solid medications must be pre-measured, including pre-cut pills. The fee for administering medication depends on the complexity of the procedure;

the typical rate is $5 per administration.


  • All cats must be vaccinated for Rabies, Feline distemper, and Feline leukemia.
  • If your veterinarian does not recommend a particular vaccine, you must obtain a signed statement confirming the recommendation and absence of disease and submit this statement to Just Pet Me prior to check in.
  • All vaccination records must be submitted to Just Pet Me prior to check in. If you do not have a copy of your record, please call and ask your veterinarian to fax your kitty’s current vaccination record to 1.866.268.1566.
  • Kitties over the age of six months must be spayed or neutered. Just Pet Me accepts new members under the age of twelve. It is recommended that cats that are over twelve years old, disabled or very ill board with their veterinarian.
  • Prior to checking in, please label all of your kitty’s belongings. All feline guests must arrive in a kitty carrier, which will remain at Just Pet Me until check out.


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