Like Willow Smith, Blossom whips her hair. And with gusto! With a spin and a trot, her locks bounce like a shampoo ad. This sweet, golden haired girl can be found usually getting that glorious mane drenched in one of her favorite pastimes: playing with the hose! Decorum and reserve are of no concern when she’s frollicking in the spray, knocking the likes of Bixby M and Duke H out of the way or more of that radical H20. When she’s done, she spends her time sunbathing; drying off to get that full Farrah flip. Miss Blossom and her hair are a lovely thing to see everyday, which is why she’s this week’s Dog of the Week!

Best Buds: Jet H., Beaux D., Bixby M., Duke H., and Gracie J.

Favorite Activities: Playing  in the water with Bixby, Gracie, and Duke, working on her tan with Beaux, and chilling with our dog handlers

Favorite Movie: “Rock of Ages”

Quote she lives by: “Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”-Khalil Gibran

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