We get every sort of dog personality here at Just Pet Me. The hyperactive spazzes, the aloof cool kids, and everything in between. Dill F. falls into the “everything in between” category, as he’s both sweet and playful yet fussy about who he allows into his inner circle of friends. Dill also enjoys playing baby with the handlers, wagging his tail every time he’s being cradled. We love doting after this little guy every day he comes in and that is why we have named him Dog of the Week!

Breed: German Shepherd/Manchester Terrier

Best Buds: Cinnamon P., Brady N., and Louise S.

Favorite Activities: Getting the attention of our dog handlers, greeting dogs as they come in the play group.

Favorite Movie: “Rugrats the Movie”

Quote he lives by: “The flower that smells the sweetest is shy and lowly.”  – William Woodsworth