Kubo is truly the life of the party. Kubo could really make a career as a “hype man” at any party because he really gets the crowd going. Maybe it’s his sweet energy or maybe it’s his silky hair and blue eyes! Kubo is extremely friendly to both humans and dogs. When he is in the dog group, he greets every dog and asks them to play. If they say no, it’s onto the next.  Kubo has been coming to Just Pet Me since he was about 3 months old. He is now a little over 2 and is still his sweet and playful self. According to our database, Kubo has checked into daycare 324 times. This means he has spent about half his life with us and we are so grateful to be graced with his smile (almost) daily!

BFFs (Best Fluffy Friends): Keshy, Kobe, Beau, Clark, Rusty, and so many more!

Puppy Do List: Herd all of my friends into one group, play til we pass out, inhale food, sleep, repeat.

Favorite Food: Japanese Kobumaki

Favorite Song: Party in the USA, Miley Cyrus (2009)