Don’t let her size fool you. “Little” Luka has a big personality. JPM’s resident tomboy, if she were a human, you’d find her flipping a skateboard and getting skinned knees. She’s always ready for a challenge: whether it’s putting a bigger dog like Kevin or Luka P in a playful headlock, playing long games of tag with Penny H and Ghost V, or scaling the bench to sit in our handler’s lap. She loves to cuddle with our handlers (as long as no one is around to see it. It might ruin her image). She barrels through every dog and every person like a furry bowling ball; the first one to start a game of tag and outlasting the big boys. She’s tough, takes no guff, and loves to have a good time. That’s why she’s this week’s Dog of the Week!

Breed: Yorkshire terrier mix

Best Buds: Penny H., Elle Woods, Kevin B., Luka P., Ghost V.

Favorite Activities: Sunbathing, snuggling with handlers, roughhousing with the bigger dogs, wrestling with Kevin and Luka P.

Favorite Movie: “Whip It”

Quote she lives by: “I had always been a tomboy—I still am at heart.” -Maureen O’Hara


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