He’s friendly, vivacious, adorable, cute, and oblong… Who’s that good boy? It’s Oliver! Ollie has been coming to JPM since he was 3 months old. The only way this beast can be tamed is by playing rough with all his friends. Oliver has no idea that he’s only 2(ish) feet tall, he truly believes he’s the size of a great dane. Oliver is just like any other bully breed, stubborn yet the sweetest (but only on his terms). When it’s time to come out of the suites after nap time, he just wants to run around the sleeping quarters so that the handlers will play tag with him. On quieter days (like the weekend) Oliver will do anything and everything in his power to sit in your lap. Oliver has the most lovable snort and cutest tongue. We really have loved watching him grow and slightly mature of the past 2.5 years.

BFFs (Best Fluffy Friends): Nina, Maddie, Beanie, Beauregard, Moya, and anyone else strong enough to keep up!

Guilty of: French kisses

The perfect date: Oliver! The Musical

Favorite Movie:  Anything with Bruce Willis

Favorite Song: Looking In Your Big Brown Eyes, Bob Marley (1992)

Ollie’s wise words of advice: Reach for the stars, even if your jump radius is 1 foot high.