It’s pogo a go-go with Miss Riley A. If she were to pick a genre, she’d be a punk rocker bouncing up and down at CBGB’s with her cohorts. Riley bounces all day long when she plays with her buddies: Moya, Charlie Longwell, and Cody B and she’ll start a mosh pit on a whim with Luka J. She’s her own pogo stick of raw power. A black and white spring that never slows down. All that bouncing around can be tough on her feet, so when she wants to give her toes a rest, our mini Sid Vicious can be found lounging in the sun; recharging her batteries with some vitamin D. When she’s full power once again, it’s backing to more pogo-ing. She even gives dogs like Kevin B lessons! This little bouncer always brings the good times and that’s why we have made her this week’s Dog of the Week!

Breed: Boston Terrier

Best Buds: Moya H., Bella J., Charlie Longwell., Cody B., Gracie J., and Kevin B.

Favorite Activities: Pogo-ing, sunbathing, playing tag with Moya H and Bella J, wrestling with Charlie Longwell, starting mosh pits with Luka J

Favorite Movie: “Planet Terror”

Quote she lives by: “What some people would call antics, I would just call a good show.” -Iggy Pop

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