Truffles may look tough and buff on the outside, but as soon as she enters the play group, she softens into a wiggling embodiment of sweetness. A friend to all breeds and sizes, Truffles doesn’t discriminate but she does play favorites. Her best gal pals Moxie T., Edie A, and Blossom M. don’t hide their adoration for this whippet/terrier mix, gathering around her as she passes. When she wants to hang around the boys she’ll rub up against her crush Kevin B. or her favorite of the puppies, Brady N. We’re big fans of when a dog continues to prove to us that looks can be deceiving and that warmth can come in package and that is why we have named Truffles Dog of the Week!

Breed: Whippet/Terrier Mix

Best Buds: Moxie T., Blossom M., and Edie A.

Favorite Activities: Hanging around the girls, playing tag with Kevin B.

Favorite Movie: “The Descent”

Quote she lives by: “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”  – Buddha