Every day that Tucker D. (or better known by his nickname “Crazy Pants”) comes to Just Pet Me, we know just what to expect out of him: non-stop playing. In the morning, this fuzzball comes in revving his engine, trying to make his way to the play group as fast as he can. Once he’s in, he’ll immediately join in on any wrestling or game of tag that is already taking place. If his BFF Khaleesi is around, he’ll hype her up enough to get several rounds of wrestling going. Once we think he’s had enough, he continues to surprise us with a second wind that comes around several times a day. We enjoy having his infectious energy around us and the play group and that is why we have named him Dog of the Week!

Breed: Labradoodle

Best Buds: Khaleesi, Ghost and Moxie T.

Favorite Activities: Being chased in a game of tag, wrestling with Khaleesi.

Favorite Movie: “Life is Beautiful”

Quote he lives by: “Energy and persistence conquer all things.”  – Benjamin Franklin